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Private Equity and Reinsurance Pulse

Last week, we ran a a pulse survey regarding the growth of private equity firms gaining a growing ownership of life and annuity carriers. Briefly, a pulse survey is typically 2 or 3 questions on a current topic to gain perspectives and attitudes with in the industry. This survey’s responses were an equal sample of industry employees and financial advisors.

The first question: Are you concerned over 10% of life and annuity carriers are now owned by private equity firms? The overwhelming response was yes, it will be harmful and yes, the client will become an after thought.

The second: As interest rates have risen and annuity sales have grown, annuity carriers have aggressively reinsured blocks of business with off shore carriers. Should we be concerned? Again the significant majority responded “yes.”

Tomorrow, we’ll release another pulse survey. For future ones, let us know the pertinent topics on your mind.

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